Attract Top Attorney Talent With These Unconventional Benefits

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If you're law firm in South Florida with an associate attorney opening, we'd love to speak with you.

The attorney employment market in south Florida is becoming more competitive by the day. To grab the attention of top-talent attorneys these days, you need to be bold to stand out.

Candidates have options from competing firms so, what is your competitive edge? What’s in it for them to choose your firm over another?

Here are 30 unconventional benefits you can invest in to help attract your next rockstar attorney and retain the ones you already have:

  1. Top 3% salary range
  2. Office library with an honor-system check-out
  3. 4-day summer work weeks
  4. $100/ month fitness allowance (yoga, gym, meditation, CrossFit, etc.)
  5. Community-supported agriculture allowance (farmer markets)
  6. Monthly house cleaning stipend
  7. One-month sabbatical every 3-years
  8. Paid paternity and maternity leave for 16-weeks
  9. $100/ month massage allowances
  10. $1,000 annual Continuing Education Allowance (photography classes, pilot lessons, guitar lessons, cooking classes, etc.)
  11. Flexible remote work options
  12. 100% coverage of hardware/software needed for your job
  13. Standing desks
  14. $1,000 annual charitable match
  15. Free daily in-office lunches
  16. Weekly happy hour
  17. Mandatory 1-week off PTO per quarter
  18. 40 hours of annual PTO for pro bono work
  19. Unlimited paid sick time
  20. 100% covered job training, seminars, and conferences
  21. Stocked kitchen with healthy snacks
  22. Home office stipend for remote employees
  23. Company outings
  24. Mental health benefits
  25. Free health trackers (Fitbit, etc.)
  26. Quarterly on-site health checkups
  27. Incentives for meeting personal health goals
  28. Sponsor employee participation in 5K, marathons, triathlons, etc.
  29. New hire welcome packages
  30. Daycare stipend